Critical Engineering Solutions

Topics covered:

-Major causes of failure.
-Serious stress raisers.
-The major problems created by welding, and how to manage them.
-Pre & post-weld heat treatment demonstrated and explained.
-Metal fatigue failure - how to recognise and prevent it.
-Critical components
-How to choose the correct steel & heat treatment.
-How to check you have the correct steel. Analysis & hardness testing
 demonstrated & explained.
-What hardness testing can tell you.
-Material Certificates: How to read them & how often they are wrong.
-Practical examples of faults and how to prevent them.

Attendees are encouraged to present particular problems or issues they may have experienced.

S.A.F.E also provide informative engineering conference speaking, with pre or post-conference workshops also available.

S.A.F.E Ltd are an active and proud sponsor to the Maintenance Engineering Society of New Zealand (MESNZ), providing technical assistance and conference organisation. MESNZ is a Technical interest Group of IPENZ (Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand)

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